Two-Tone 126613 Steel Gold Submariner Super Clone

In a blink of an eye, summer is here, and it's the peak season for diving watches. When it comes to diving watches, I believe many people will think of the Rolex Submariner, but compared to the black or green Submariner that is all over the street, maybe we can change another choice, super clone rolex in UK.

In Rolex, steel sports watches or large gold watches have always been the hottest models among the hottest models, while the intermediate gold watches are much unknown. Take Submariner as an example. The black or green Submariner is always above the public price, while the "mild" submariner is obviously more sensible. There are two types of Submariner, one is golden blue and one is black. Because the black plate is more versatile and practical, it is also introduced to you today.
126613 Steel Gold Submariner Super Clone Watch

Rolex 126613 Steel Gold Submariner Super Clone Watch maintains the same design as the steel Submariner, with a diameter of 40 mm, which is the standard size of a Rolex sports watch. It can be controlled by both men and women without picking the wrist. Compared with the regular Submariner, the bezel, crown and middle section of the bracelet are all made of gold, which looks more luxurious.
Submariner Super Clone Watch

Rolex Two-Tone 126613 Steel Gold Submariner Super Clone The Mercedes needle and fish eyes on the dial are still the design of the steel Submariner we are familiar with. However, because of the large area of gold filling, the whole watch is no longer mediocre and has some highlights, Looks younger. The inside is equipped with a 3135 clone movement, which is certified by the Super Observatory, with very high accuracy, and it has a 48-hour dynamic reserve. The quality of the movement is still great. In addition, the water resistance of 300 meters is no problem for normal activities in daily life or for swimming and diving.

An important reason why Xiaofeng likes the Rolex 126613 Steel Gold Submariner Super clone watches the most is its hands-on effect. After wearing it on the hand, it is noble and luxurious, and the sun is sprinkled on the dial, which looks quite beautiful. Some watch friends, because they already have a few watches in their hands, will order their favorite styles, and they will look beautiful on their hands.
Submariner Super Clone Watch

In short, the 126613 Steel Gold Submariner is still a very eye-catching diving watch, which is more eye-catching than the steel Submariner but not premium, and the rate of collision is greatly reduced. It is very handsome to wear when commuting to work or traveling. Do you like it ?

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