Sports Replica Watches Rolex

As the world's favorite watch brand, Rolex's watches have a high degree of popularity, especially the sports Rolex, which is "red and purple." Among the sporty Rolexes, the black Submariner and the blue Yachtmaster have similar prices. Today we need to compare their replica watches.
Sports Replica Watches Rolex

Submariner And Yachtmaster, both under the Rolex brand still have a high and low distinction, Submariner is more suitable for underwater workers, and Yachtmaster, as the name suggests, is the owner of the yacht, that is, the rich class who is leisurely watching the sea on the water and holding parties. It can be seen from the brand positioning that the yacht status is more upscale.
Yachtmaster is not a "tool watch" because of its positioning, so it uses platinum, a precious metal bezel, which costs much more than a ceramic bezel. On the bezel is a prominent digital scale, which has a very unique texture, which is very different from the ceramic ring of Submariner. Yachtmaster's replica watch production cost is also higher!

The black Submariner is what we are very familiar with. The ceramic bezel and dial, compared with the raised digital scales on the blue yacht bezel, the black Submariner is more wear-resistant and more skin-skinned, and the waterproof performance of 300 meters is required. It is waterproof to 100 meters better than the foundation of a yacht. Of course you can also choose tudor replica, The Yachtmaster is equipped with a 3235 clone movement, the latest Rolex movement, while the old Submariner is a Japanese Citizen movement. There is no problem with the performance of these two movements, but one wins in the storage and the other wins in the stability Stronger sex.
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In short, these two replica watches each have their own advantages. The Blue Yacht is better than the texture and bright appearance, and the black Submariner is better than the versatile and classic. If you lack a watch for taking pictures with a concave shape , It’s not wrong to choose the blue Yachtmaster replica watch; if you are short of a classic all-match that can be worn to eighty years old, of course, it is the black Submariner replica watch.
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